What to Bring

The one thing you must bring with you on the final day of the Summer School is black trousers and black pumps — Below are some other ideas.

Students are only encouraged to bring along the items listed below, and in no way are the more specific items essential to a successful participation in the summer school. Remember, the most important rule is: be comfortable!

Packing list

  • Soft soled shoes
    (Jazz shoes are ideal, but trainers will be perfectly adequate)
  • Loose and comfortable clothing
    (i.e. tracksuits, t-shirts, sweaters, shorts—please no hats or caps)
  • A towel
    (some classes might cause sweat!)
  • Hair styling products and basic make-up
    (i.e. hair gels, hair ties, stage powders, face paints etc.)
  • Black shoes and trousers as a unifying costume for the showcase
    (please no large logos)
  • Any medication required